Data Collection

Xenometric’s X-Server is a software suite built around Microsoft’s SQL Server Express. There are Windows services that run in the background to collect data from many supported technologies. All data is stored in the SQL Server and is available to customers. Xenometric’s web reporting runs as another service and allows users to view their reports in a web browser or mobile device. Other services run to provide data in customer-firendly formats, such as CSV and XML, and to generate and email PDF reports.

The X-Server can be installed on your computer or you can use the Xenometric Cloud instance.

Data is collected by the Xenometric software using a variety of different mechanisms. The Flir Brickstream cameras push data over HTTP, whilst the Optex cameras send data to the X-Server’s inbuilt FTP server or by MQTT. Xenometric will support all mechanisms to ensure that data from all technologies is stored in a consistent way in the SQL Server database.

The X-Server is a suite of modules built around Microsoft’s SQL Server. The software runs all versions of Windows . The system is robust and has been running on customer’s servers for over 10 years. Backups can be automated and can be remotely supported by Xenometric or your own staff.