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Products People Counting is Xenometric's primary activity. We offer a variety of products that enbable our customers to collect pedestrian count data from the world's leading people counting manufacturers. This data is available to customers in web reports, Windows application reporting, emailed PDFs and file outputs. Our collection and reporting software can be run locally on your laptop, on your server or on our cloud server.

We can also integrate other data sources into our products or push our data into your reporting database.

X-Cloud is the simplest way to view data from your people counters. Simply point your counters' delivery mechanism at our server and we'll provide a website for you to login and view your data.

X-Server is our full people counting product. It is built around a SQL Server database and provides web reports from Microsoft's IIS.

X-Server Lite is a cut-down version of the X-Server. It is highly portable and is great for demos, proof-of-concept and small or temporary installations.
Xenometric's people counting software collects data from many different sources. These include the industry leading Brickstream, Irisys and Optex people counters, as well as other data sources, such as Point of Sale, weather and vehicle licence plates.

All data is stored on a SQL Server database that can be located at our data centre or at your facility.

Our web reporting software allows you to see your data wherever you are.

Report X-Server is our name for the collection of software programs that constitute our people counting system. Click here to read about the X-Server.

Learn more about any part of the people counting process by clicking on one of the component steps below.

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